Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taking My Show On The Road

I'm pretty excited that PaperCraft Princess will be vending its first 'public' crop. The crop is in one week and I'm as busy as can be prepping kits and products for my sales table.

Spring seemed like the perfect time to spruce up my displays too and get some better risers to get more use of my table's real estate. Changing up the boutique gave me an excuse to do some shopping - yay! It wasn't all retail therapy (though there was some of that). I was also able to do some thrifting which is extra fun because it's such an adventure. You never know what you'll find --might be that what you find is even better than what you set off looking for.

I've already repainted everything I found before today.  I just wish I'd remembered to take "before" photos so that the "after" pics would be more meaningful. But here's a pic of a shelf I found today. What I liked about this is that the posts in the back look like a picket fence. They'll coordinate with a picket fence tiered shelf that I'll also be using.

Thrifted garden inspired shelf (before)
Picket fence shelf riser in background

Spring is the perfect season to freshen up. I'm adding touches of green and along with new white shelves & risers, I'm just loving the whole look. Can't wait to share photos of my finished table.