Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Craft & Hobby Winter Trade Show Has Left the Building

I'm just returned from the 2012 Winter CHA Show. I had a great time and for the first time ever even placed a few orders. That took some extra thought for me because it's not what I usually do.

Usually, I'm there as part of the sales team for the first few days. (This year I was in the Heidi Swapp booth and had a blast!). Then I spend a bit of time scoping out what's new so that I can plan classes and stock my boutique. But I always place my orders after CHA, not while I'm there.

Since I hadn't planned to shop, I had to shift gears and quickly get into planning mode. I have got a few stores out there that have invited me to guest teach, so thinking about class ideas was a great place to start. I'll also be vending a weekend crop again for National Scrapbook Day weekend, so that gave me some good direction too.

I'll be sure to share what I've got in the works as I get further along in the process. And I'll be sharing photos and impressions of the CHA show on my other blog for any readers who might be interested. I'll leave you with a pic of "Team Heidi".

The team at Heidi Swapp booth


kate blue said...

lucky you! I too was feigning all over that Heidi Swapp! Happy Friday!

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